Critical Week Regarding the US Senate Health Care Bill and Abortion

This is a critical week regarding the US Senate health care bill that includes funding for abortion. It’s coming down to the wire and it’s too close to call. The votes are split about 50/50.

Please continue to pray and contact your members of Congress. by going to

Right now is a key time to urge opposition to the US Senate bill. It’s our responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless.

For the Voiceless,


More Polls Show Voters in Democrat Districts Don’t Want Pro-Abortion Health Care

Washington, DC ( – A third set of polls released by a national pro-life women’s group finds voters in the congressional districts of pro-life and moderate Democrats do not want abortion funding in health care. They are opposed to the Senate pro-abortion health care bill and will hold their lawmakers accountable for supporting it.

Including this new set of polls, SBA has contracted a reputable polling firm to survey 19 total congressional districts and in every case the polls have shown strongly pro-life results.

The new set of polls covers Reps. Joe Donnelly, Dale Kildee, James Oberstar, Allen Boyd, Earl Pomeroy, Richard Neal and John Barrow in Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana.

SBA president Marjorie Dannenfelser said it’s time for Democrats who are pro-life or moderates to “either be a hero or a complete sell out.”

“These poll results are the driving force behind our grassroots mobilization efforts this week. We have spent $1.6 million so far fighting abortion funding in health care reform and these poll results show why. The American people reject federal funding of abortion in any so-called ‘health care’ bill,” she told Politico.

“Our poll shows that a pro-life vote will be a benefit on Election Day. The Susan B. Anthony List will be carrying the message of these votes into campaign season,” she said. Full story at