Stanton Featured on CBN News

Voices from the Womb - Idaho State Capitol

Brandi led the Voices from the Womb event at the Idaho State Capitol on March 21st. Please continue to pray for the outcome of this bill.

Major Stanton Announcement: Clinic Opens Next Door to Planned Parenthood

The time has come to share the big news. Stanton Healthcare opened the new clinic right next door to Planned Parenthood in Boise, Idaho. Watch the link below to see the announcement and Brandi Swindell giving a tour.

Stanton Healthcare’s New Location Makes Local & National News

Here’s the interview Brandi did with KTVB Channel 7 in Boise, Idaho. This interview is now featured on Live Action, MSNBC, and all of Planned Parenthood’s social media networks. KTVB contacted her to do a story on Stanton Healthcare. Its great that the name and phone number of Stanton are in the featured pic. Read More...

National News Story: “Voices from the Womb” on Capitol Hill

Brandi being interviewed by The 700 Club about the “Voices from the Womb” campaign.

Watch this clip!

I’m Headed to DC for the Annual March for Life/Quoted in Article on China’s Forced Abortion

Happy 2011! I trust that you’re doing well. I believe God has great things in store for the coming year. Let’s continue to stand for truth and justice and fight for human rights in the womb!

I’d like to share with you a pro-life reflection from my friend and associate Fr. Frank Pavone: Read More...

Critical Week Regarding the US Senate Health Care Bill and Abortion

This is a critical week regarding the US Senate health care bill that includes funding for abortion. It’s coming down to the wire and it’s too close to call. The votes are split about 50/50. Read More...

Idaho Senate Approves Life-Affirming SB 1353

The defense and promotion of human life are not the monopoly of anyone, but rather the responsibility and task of all. – The Gospel of Life, 91

Below I’ve included 2 articles for you on national and local pro-life updates. Read More...

Pro-Life Reflection

I’d like to share with you a pro-life reflection from Pro-life Reflections for Every Day by my fellow advocate for life, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.

Do not show partiality in judging; hear both small and great alike. – Deuteronomy 1:17 Read More...

Tebow Ad...Touchdown!

Wow! Who knew how ridiculous the abortion industry would look for opposing such a non-offensive ad during the Super Bowl. The life-affirming ad featuring Pam and Tim Tebow was one of the most successful commercials in Super Bowl history…thanks to NOW and other pro-abortion groups trying to silence the Tebow family. Read More...